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WiseLifeLab will be the co-convenor of track 34 at the 8th STS Italia Conference. How to Protect Communities from Sars CoV-2 through Co-production of Health and the Design of Commons-Based Ecosystems by Adopting Distributed Ledger Technologies? call for abstracts here

Participation to the Pan-European Hackathon Eu Vs Virus Challenge(see: https://euvsvirus.org/), an initiative supported by the European Parliament, the Committee of Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee, aimed at collecting projects to tackle the challenges deriving from the Covid-19 crisis. Two projects were submitted in this competition on 24-26 April 2020:

Co3 Crowdfunding as Wise Commoning, This project involves the CO3 consortium, and is focused on the implementation of crowdfunding initiatives for the current healthcare and socioeconomic crisis and post-crisis.

A Peer to Peer solution for health insurance a proposal aiming to a self- insuring communities from Covd-19 and other emergencies.