Wiselifelab is an action research group established at the end of 2019 within the Centre for Transdisciplinarity in Research, founded by Vincenzo M.B. Giorgino in 2017 at the Department of Social Economics and Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Turin.


Currently, we are mainly focused on the risk mitigation and management of the post-lockdown Covid-19 pandemic. Various projects are being developed: the valorisation of personal data for communities, the design of glocal system of interaction and transaction based on Distributed Ledger Technologies, a commons-based P2P insurance proposal etc

The research group

Vincenzo M.B. Giorgino, economic sociologist, Department of Economic and Social Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics – University of Turin, and group coordinator. Main research interests: promotion of health and well-being, action research and transformative methodologies in the co-planning of wise and equitable ecosystems.

Sowelu Avanzo, Research fellow at the Department of Informatics of the University of Turin. For the research activity he collaborates with the European project CO3. For his master’s thesis, he carried out field research on the Sarafu program in Kenya, focused on relational work emerging from transactions via Ethereum blockchain. Since 2020 he has been collaborating in teaching at the School of Management and Economics of the University of Turin, in the courses Life Skills and Digital Ecosystems: Perspectives and Methods and Economic Sociology.

Giulio Peraldo, graduated cum laude in Finance at the University of Turin. In his master’s thesis he estimated the market risk in the European banking sector through decomposition techniques based on resale. He currently works in the private sector as a specialist in financial data modelling.

Our mission in the field of action-research, consulting and training is aimed at:

  • Promoting greater existential, social and economic well-being through self-organization and co-production at the community level by enhancing life skills of each individual.
  • Supporting communities in provisioning for their own needs and to pursue shared objectives with a perspective of interdependence and conscious adaptation to the social and natural environment.
  • Co-designing distributed ledger technologies for peer-to-peer socio-economic ecosystems aimed at collaborative resource management (commoning)  at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic and other emergencies.
  • Submission of two projects at the Pan-european Hackathon: EU Vs Virus Challenge:
    a) A Peer to peer solution for Health Insurance (3rd winner of its domain):
    b) CO3-Crowdfunding as Wise Commoning.
    Creation of the socio-economic protocol 3S-Social Shield Shaper, aimed at the realization of a social, economic and health-related protection system, based on distributed ledger technologies during the pandemic (see Github).
  • Research project in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science “Co-managing attention and health data as a commons for co-designing wise and smart Ecosystems During the Covid-19” (pending).
  • Participation in the HORIZON 2020 CO3 programme: Co-create, Co-produce and Co-manage, coordinated by Guido Boella, Director, Department of Computer Science, University of Turin

Collaboration with the Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin for the experimentation of the web-application Commonshood, aimed at promoting local resilience and prosperity through digital transactions between Peers for collaborative management (project HORIZON 2020 “Co-city”).